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 Sports and exercise are major topics in this day and age. If your club or school is looking for a suitable surrounding for a training camp, a sports week or a competition, step Guesthouses Pinkafeld offer the perfect location.


Ideal Training Conditions

 Our facility provides a unique sporting infrastructure:

  • three gymnasiums
  • three soccer pitches
  • a small field with artificial turf
  • a hard court
  • a track and field facility
  • a beach volleyball court
  • and a weight room.

In addition, we offer the most common coaching tools like cones, rods, mats, mobile goals and much more. Our coach’s office features a fridge, TV and DVD player so the progress of the participants can be analyzed and new game plans can be developed.

This sports infrastructure does not only support players in ball sports. The training conditions are also ideal for track and field athletes, gymnasts, dancers or martial arts athletes.


This year, for example, the annual International Martial Arts Summer Camp will be hosted by the step Guesthouses Pinkafeld for the 40th time. About 150 athletes from 8 nations participate each year. For all of our guests who still have enough energy after all that training, the sports world of Pinkafeld has plenty more to offer: the indoor swimming pool, the ice rink, and a fitness center featuring squash halls; you can make use of all your additional energy or simply relax and have some fun. And the greatest perk: the sports world of Pinkafeld is adjacent to the property of step Guesthouses.  


Send us a non-binding inquiry – we will gladly create a personalized offer for you!

STEP Gästehäuser Pinkafeld

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STEP Gästehaus Oberwart

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